RPAS Multispectral Operations

Specialization in RPAS Multispectral Operations

It is a 3-day training course designed for drone pilots who are looking to understand how to implement multi-spectral imaging sensors in their commercial drone operations.

Prerequisite - Students must have their DGCA pilot training certificate prior to attending the course.


Overall objective of the course is to make the students learn how to use Multispectral Imaging Sensors for professional Drone Operations.

  • Classroom academic modules
  • Task-based training
  • Hands-on flight training


  • A thorough understanding of of UAS remote sensing applications.
  • An in-depth dive into multi-spectral imaging technology and capabilities.
  • A thorough understanding of how to prepare and plan UAS flight operations using multi-spectral payloads.

Hands on session topics

  • Complete system set-up and payload calibration.
  • Pre-flight mission planning.
  • Simulated missions as both pilot-in-command and visual observer.
  • Commercial operations workflow - using the drones and multi-spectral imaging sensor for specific data capture missions.
RPAS Multispectral