Specialization in Smart Farming

Drone technology is getting popular every day among us, and this technology finds its use in wide variety of fields. Agriculture being India’s backbone and its future is uncertain because of the situation prevailing. Our initiative works to strengthen this field and is constantly working towards Hands free agriculture. Our technological and software solution will help our farmers’ do precision farming and will assist them from sowing, sampling, fertilizing and harvesting.

Students will be trained in

  • Crop Monitoring
  • Plant Population
  • Spraying Solutions
  • Vegetation Map
  • Fertility

Some Key Benefits of Drones in Agriculture

  • 40x times faster than manual labour
  • Reaches Inaccessible Areas
  • Higher Efficiency in Lesser Time
  • Larger Reach in Lesser Time
  • Uniform Spraying
  • No Harmful Side-effects on Manual Labour
  • Potential to Increase Crop Yield
  • Reduced Pesticide Residue Levels in Food
  • Potential to Improve Soil Health