Enterprise RPAS Training

Specialization in Enterprise RPAS Training

It is a 3-day Operational RPAS training course. The course can be tailored to fit a variety of workflows and applications and is mainly designed for a team of 2 or more.

Prerequisite - Teams must have their DGCA pilot training certificate prior to attending the course.


Overall course objective is to prepare RPAS pilots to fly commercial operations using professional workflows with a combination of:

  • Classroom academic modules
  • Task-based training
  • Hands-on flight training


  • High level RPAS hardware and software proficiency
  • A thorough understanding of how to achieve mission objectives
  • Students will progress from basic flight maneuvers all the way to advanced commercial operations
  • Students will be able to deploy RPAS for a specific mission upon course completion.

Hands on session topics

  • Mission planning
  • Autonomous, assisted, and manual flight modes of operation
  • Emergency management situations
  • Operations around vertical infrastructure
  • Operations for large area mapping
  • Operations for 3D modeling of infrastructure
  • Operations for volumetric data capture
  • Various First Responder operations